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The Growing Demand for Flavor Infused Olive Oil


In the past, cooking was so simple, just put the raw meat in the fire and eat it after it is cooked. For the modern man, that just won’t do, food now must be palatable and nutritious, cooked just right. Between vegetable and olive oil, the latter is preferred because of its superior taste. Read more of these great facts, click here.

But today, also, plain olive oil is not enough for those who like to eat. Connoisseurs want oil that is flavored or infused to satisfy their discriminating taste.

Producing the olive oil

The oil is drained from the olive fruit by using machines or employing the use of chemicals. First, green olives make bitter oil and overripe olives do not produce a wholesome oil hence they are not used to make extra virgin olive oil. Only those olive fruits that pass the standard criteria are used in the making of extra virgin olive oil. Machines apply pressure on the paste and the olive oil is allowed to ooze out. Water and other solids are then filtered out leaving only the pure extra virgin oil. You can visit website here for more great tips!

Infusing flavor into the oil

Producing flavor infused olive oil involves many different processes. Like fine wine, it must be aged to extract its full flavor and achieve the required consistency. Olive oil infused with thyme, rosemary or garlic are gaining a following. The olive oil is prepared for infusion by pouring it into a large pot. Then, fresh herbs, perhaps rosemary or garlic, are wrapped in cheese cloth and placed in the pot with the oil. Next, in a cool place, the oil will begin to absorb the flavors for all of 4 weeks. After a month of processing, the batch undergoes a taste test. Final adjustments are then made to bring the taste up to the desired level by adding the appropriate ingredients to the mix. Once done, the packaging can be attended to preparatory to distribution.

New tasty recipes

Because of the growing demands, new recipe concoctions are created. An orange flavored infused oil ice cream is a new dessert that is both delicious and healthy. With milk and eggs, it will be filled with all the nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs. Cakes, too, can improve its taste with the addition of fruit flavored infused olive oil. For those who prefer a vegetable dish, season your broccoli with the usual salt and pepper, but add in some lemon infused olive oil and your main course will come out tastier. Pour some garlic infused oil on your Tilapia. Add some minced onion, marinate overnight. After marinating, bake the fish in your oven for 30 minutes under high heat. Please view this siteĀ http://www.ehow.com/how_5047402_make-olive-oil.html for further details.

Flavor infused olive oil is here – try it!